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LP Kron@Tok Raja of Wat Uttamaram

Bucha Of Tok Raja by LP Than Dam of Wat Mai Na Pa Ram

LP Seng of Wat Bang Na

Amulet Type: Garuda Krook
Maker: LP Seng
Temple: Wat Bang Na
Year: 2522
Material: Plated Silver Nawak Alloy
Additional Information: Limited Edition

LP Boon Learn of Wat Khao Sam Yord

LP Boon Learn of Wat Khao Sam Yord

(Credits from Sikkha@

The Divine Lord Of Khao Sam Yord
LPhoo Reuang Apassaro, Divine Lord of Khao Sam Yord. Phra Ariya Song or Noble One of Phra Arahant cave at Sam Yord mountain in Lopburi. 

The cave was 3 km above ground level. LPhoo stay and practice Dhamma in total seclusion and solitude for more than 40 years.

Previously,nobody ever passed by and even know about it. The Lopburi soldier were practicing their live firing on top of the mountain as permanent routine. 

Although they didn't know that His Holiness was spending his rain retreat at the peak, it didn't pose any threat to LPhoo either.

One day, the troop came to know when they went up and alot of them requested to be LPhoo disciples. LPhoo ever came down of Khao Sam Yord in BE2542 (1999) before returning again in BE2546 (2003).

Presently, LPhoo is 94 years old with 74 Pansa. LPhoo is a Kammathana monk who has very high mind power in this present era. Whoever let LPhoo bless their amulets,with merely a blow from LPhoo will rendered the amulets with miraculous power and efficacy. Having unexplainable experiences as mysterious as it may be.

LPhoo Reuang was born on Sunday 10 January BE2457 (1914) in the year of Tiger at Ampher Bahn Sarng Changwat Prachinburi. LPhoo was the son of Mr Kampan and Mrs Sri Suksan and had altogether 7 siblings. LPhoo original name was Boon Reuang.

In BE2477 (1934) at the age of 20. LPhoo ordained at Wat Sak Koi Ampher Syee Maha Poh Changwat Prachinburi. Phra Samut Jampa Wat Sak Koi the Jhow Kana Tambon Coke Pib was LPhoo's Preceptor. LPhoo received his ordination name as Apassaro.

LPhoo spent his rain retreat and studied Dhamma Vinaya and various knowledge and art with the Preceptor for 10 years. LPhoo had also sat for Dhamma test at the age of 23. Apart from that, LPhoo studied Pali language, astrology,herbs and various spell and charm.

After spending enough time in his study, LPhoo began his tudong travel at Issan and then returned to Lopburi,Piboon cave. LPhoo spend his rain retreat in this cave near Wat Phra Bart Nam Put for 5 years.

LPhoo searched and found Phra Arahant cave at Khao Sam Yord.In BE2493 (1950) LPhoo went up to spent his rain retreat at the peak for a long period of time. When LPhoo taken up abode at the peak only very little people have the opportunity to pay respect to LPhoo because LPhoo was staying inside the cave. 

Fruit and vegatable was LPhoo only food offered by the villagers such as pumpkin(which later pumpkin became main substance in mixing to produce amulets of initial period which was pressed with hands).

LPhoo Reuang had bright complexion contrary to the robe of LPhoo which was old,dull and worn out. LPhoo used the 3 refuge as his mediatation theme in his practice.

Initially, LPhoo never came down of the peak other than merely once. It was when LPhoo was sick then a group of close disciples working in the hospital brought LPhoo down from the peak to see the doctor.

There was once,the soldier were having live firing at the mountain. LPhoo was making a short cut there but the soldier were not aware. Just when the soldier were firing they saw LPhoo passing by. 

The soldier were surprised and shouted to alert LPhoo but it was too late.The bullets were shot right at LPhoo with sound as loud as explosion and the place became very smoky.The soldier ran over to have a look and saw LPhoo walking unperturbed like nothing have happened. 

They asked LPhoo where did he came from? LPhoo told them he was staying at the peak and walked up the mountain. The soldier chased after LPhoo but can't catch up with him and were left behind astonished.

In later period,beginning since BE2538(1995). LPhoo opened the door of opportunity to allow his faithful devotee to go up and pay respect to him. Since then,alot of devotee gradually went up to the peak. Later, LPhoo shifted to a little hut 10 km outside of the cave.

In BE2542 (1999) LPhoo descended Khao Sam Yord in order to teach his disciples the way of practicing Dhamma. Together with Phra Anya Nhoo Payak Choti Panyo they developed temples and residence of Sangha in Lopburi and many nearby places such as Wat Hua Chang Lopburi. It was also to spent the rain retreat when tudong to practice Dhamma in various province such as Pathumthani and Maha Sarakham.

In the end, LPhoo resided at Suan Boon Prod Poopa Potisat Tambon Bu Pleaung Ampher Nam Yeun Changwat Ubon Ratchathani.

LP Boon Learn Amulet Gallery

Amulet Type: Phra Pidta 
Maker: LP Boon Learn
Temple: Wat Khao Sam Yord
Year: 2528

Amulet Type: Phra Leela
Maker: LP Boon Lern
Temple: Wat Khao Sam Yord
Year: 2500

Hoon Pak Yong Gallery

Amulet Type: Hoon Pak Yong
Maker: LP Sang Ga
Temple: Wat Bang Mo
Year: 2540

Hoon Pak Yong Pim Yai by LP Chang of Wat Nang Yai Mow 
(Red and White HPY with customised plastic and stand)

Hoon Pak Yong soaked in Metta Oil (Special Edition) 
by LP Pra Mot of Wat Kow Chulk Hmm

Additional Information: 

Soaked oil Hoon Pak Yong is kept with LP Phra Mot for a longer period in an oil urn for enhanced consecration & empowerment within before it released.

Hoon Pak Yong Functions:
  • Wish all positive fruitful outcomes from daily activities.
  • Wish for self-protection in all aspects.
  • Put at home, office, residential to request Hoon Pak Yong to take care of premises.
  • Advice to keep away from infants or young children in case Hoon Pak Yong manifest within premise compound. 

Luang Thia

Luang Thia of Wat Klang Na

Luang Thia's Temple

Luang Thia Amulets Gallery

Luang Thia 1st Batch Phra Khun Paen

Luang Thia Green Face General

Photo Source: Richard73@

Luang Thia Ku Man Tong

Ajahn Fon Dee Sa Wan

Ajahn Fon Dee Sa Wan

泰國秘咒宗師-阿佔逢帝赦罔師父出身於阿育塔亞﹐佛歷2426年 (大約124年前)。他的一生充滿了不少奇妙事跡。


在十歲那年﹐他的父母親便將他送往寺廟里讀書。當時的泰國並沒有正規的教育制度﹐所以許多的 家庭會將自己的子女送往鄰近的寺廟接受教育。



寺廟里的主持隆婆絡見到這種情景﹐ 很同情阿佔逢的遭遇。有一天他召見阿佔逢﹐便將一種神秘的經文傳授給他﹐並且告訴他這神秘的經文能幫助阿佔 逢增進人緣和讓其他人接受他。



阿佔逢很 高興並想向隆婆絡學習更多的經文﹐很可惜的是隆婆絡卻突然病逝。

阿佔逢非常的傷心﹐他獨自一個人待在病逝隆 婆絡的房里哭泣。

也許是他的造化﹐就在阿佔逢細心收拾着隆婆絡的遺物時﹐意外的讓他在當中發現一本類似記載 着玄學經咒的手抄本。

在友人的幫助下﹐一點一點的讀給他聽。從此阿佔逢便開始修練記載在手抄本中的法術。在 他二十歲那年便出家為僧﹐過了不久就開始在山林里修行。

在這期間﹐他在山林之中發現了一座古寺瓦慨伐。寺廟 的主持隆婆諦讓他在瓦慨伐里繼續修行。阿佔逢很勤奮﹐每天都把寺廟的裡裡外外打掃得幹幹淨淨。


有一天 深夜裡﹐阿佔逢突然聽見山林之中隱隱約約的傳出一陣淒涼的哭泣聲。勇敢的他﹐抱着好奇的心態便獨自一個人往 傳來哭泣聲的方向走去查看個究竟。

他發現一個奇怪的老婆婆在漆黑的一棵樹下很傷心的哭着。毫不畏懼的阿佔逢 走上前去慰問她為何在這里哭泣。

老婆婆傷心的望着阿佔逢對他說﹐她其實是山林中的老樹精﹐可是她預知自己將 有一場劫難﹐懇求阿佔逢能夠幫她度過﹐如果阿佔逢願意幫助她﹐她一定會非常感激和報答他的。


阿佔逢回到了自己的房里﹐躺在草蓆上一直無法入睡。他在想到底老婆婆會遇到什麼劫難﹐自己究竟能怎樣去幫助 她呢? 隔天他聽說鄰近的村民要將山林里的一棵老樹砍倒﹐阿佔逢突然略有所思﹐便即刻前去阻止他們砍樹。

蠻橫無理的 村民不理會阿佔逢的勸阻﹐有些村民還想攻擊他。阿佔逢覺得村民太不可理喻﹐便集中精神念起經文。

村民聽見他 念起經文後﹐大家的態度都立刻緩和下來並且聽取阿佔逢的意見﹐大家都決定不砍那棵老樹。阿佔逢終於成功的救 了老樹被砍的惡運。


終於阿佔逢找到了老婆婆所說的那本咒書。在友人的協助 下﹐阿佔逢終於成功的學成咒書里記載的各種奇異經文。





可是﹐寺廟的其他僧侶卻不讚同阿佔逢常常顯現神通的行為。他們告訴阿佔逢﹐佛教嚴禁僧人在大眾面前顯現神通 的。

阿佔逢經過一番深思熟慮之後﹐了解自己實在太喜歡顯現神通了﹐為了不想讓佛教的教益受到影響﹐他決定還 俗成為白衣長者。



據說曾經有許多傲慢的少女見到阿佔逢那奇怪 的樣貌便嘲笑他的長相﹐奇怪的是這些譏笑他的少女都一一迷戀上阿佔逢﹐還願意獻身給他﹐甚至下嫁給阿佔逢。 



凡是要拜他為師的人都要讓他飼養的毒蛇咬一口﹐這樣他才 會考慮收他為徒。



當時的泰王邀請了國家里許許多多法力高超的僧侶前往王宮里念頌一批佛牌讓士兵佩戴以報平安。當時阿佔逢是唯一被 泰王邀請入王宮的白衣長者。


身穿軍 服的他站立在一塊白布之上﹐將一把長刀往自己的嘴裡猛力敲打﹐鮮紅的血從阿佔逢的嘴里隨着刀刃流下滴落在白佈上。

阿佔逢一邊集中精神念暗念經咒﹐一邊繼續讓自己的鮮血流落在白布上。過後他似乎沒事一樣﹐吩咐將染有 自己鮮血的白佈分割給士兵。



< 翻譯和編寫者 - 敬天留名 >

BE 2426, Ayuthaya, approximately 124 years ago, a great white robe master; Ajahn Fon DeeSawang was born. He gained his popularity about 60-70 years ago prior to his magnificent Visha magic.

He had contracted a strange disease when he was a child and subsequently he lost most of the part of his nose. Inevitably, Ajahn Fon looks unappealing. By the age of 10, his parents sent him to study at a temple. 

There’s no standard schooling system in that era. In custom, Thai people will usually send their kids to gain knowledge at temples nearby. But, he has learning difficulties especially in recognizing words. All he could write was his own name.

As expected, many children do not like Ajahn Fon because of his awkward facial appearance and refuses to play with him. Luckily, his luck did not run out completely. 

The abbot of the temple, Lung Phor Krot due to compassion, decided to teach Ajahn Fon metta katha to improve his relationship with others. He manages to learn the skill and katha in a very short duration. 

Though he is illiterate, he has a hidden talent. His memory power is superbly strong. All knowledge and katha that he learn is through memory. Of course he needs his friends to read to him first. 

After he had mastered the metta katha, he began to do some experiment on his own. His subject is those who dislike him. True enough, when he started to chant the katha, miraculously, they began to treat Ajahn Fon better.

Seeing this effect, Ajahn Fon quickly went back to learn more from his master Lung Phor Krot. But sad news ensued from his search. Lung Phor Krot had passed away. 

He was in despair. He remained in his master’s room for quite some time; mourning; and like predestined, he managed to find a khata book that contains Visha’s knowledge written by his master. 

Thus he learned it all and became a monk in his early 20’s. He begins his practice by becoming a tudong monk or loosely translated, forest monk. In his journey in the jungle, accidentally he found a temple, Wat Kai Fa and the abbot of that time; Lung Phor Dee mercifully let him stay at. 

Ajahn Fon appreciated the abbot’s kindness. Ajahn Fon is very diligent. He sweeps and clean the temple’s compound everyday.

One night, with desire to learn knowledge pulsating in his veins, he went to visit Lung Phor Dee. When he finally reaches the room, he found out that the abbot is not in. All of a sudden, he saw Lung Phor Dee appears out from a bumble. 

Instantly, he knew that the abbot possessed supernatural power and wishes to be as good as him. He decided to try his luck other time.

During his stay in Wat Kai Fa, he had experienced strange incidents. One of the encounters begins when he heard weeping echoes from deep of the forest. Out of curiosity, Ajahn Fon decided to investigate and went into the forest alone. 

He was now in the heart of the jungle, and nothing is in sight. He took few more steps towards the crying direction and finally he saw an old woman. An old woman, in the dead of night, alone in the jungle. 

With no fear in his heart, Ajahn Fon confronted the old lady. The lady began to speak in sad tone. She introduces herself as an old tree spirit (Tong Dart Kian). She implores Ajahn Fon to help her and reward is certain. 

After she finished her words, she disappeared into thin mist. He did not know how to help or what is the meaning of it. As he lay on his matt thinking, he fell asleep. The next morning, he heard rumours spreading that villager nearby wanted to cut down an old tree inside of the jungle. 

Realizing that this maybe what the old lady said, he rushed to prevent those villagers from doing so. Preliminary, his effort fails and almost got himself beaten by them. Knowing that they are beyond reasoning, he began to concentrate and chant metta katha. 

When he finished, again he ask them to stop. This time, things changed. Unbelievably, those villagers became more calm and rational. As extra, they promised not to chop the old tree again. How powerful is Ajahn Fon. 

After a few days had passed, the tree spirit visited him when he was deep in meditation. She rewarded him, as promise, the direction of katha scripts. Following the direction, he found the scripts comprising the katha to stop bleeding, to heal poisonous snake bite, to transform leaf into bee and many more. 

He knew he had learned something different from his contemporaries. Beginning from there, he began to perform miracles. One of his most stunning acts is cutting a long wound in his leg and heals it immediately with katha

Wat Sa Kiat, the temple of Sangkarat Keaw, is where his final monkshood end. As usual, he will perform his magic everywhere he goes and this time, his act is denied by the monks in Wat Sa Kiat. 

According to those monks, performing siddhi power is forbidden by Lord Buddha himself. Having considering this fact and to preserve the good name of Buddhism, he decided to leave and became a white robe master as he knows he is too fond to let go performing miracles.

As said, Ajahn Fon do not have an appealing face. But with all his power and metta katha he could make his face very attractive and seductive. Lots of women who laugh at his face will eventually be his lover in bed or his wife. Ajahn Fon is well known to have many wives and children. 

Comparably to General Khun Phen from Suphanburi, Ajahn Fon’s metta power is higher. Khun Phen needs to add barangs’ mixture into women’s food to attract them but Ajahn Fohn simply uses mind power and katha.

Ajahn Fon is different from many white robe masters. In order to be his disciples, they have to go through special intern-taking ceremony; that’s to be bitten by snake and Ajahn Fon will perform miracle to heal them immediately. 

BE 2480, Ajahn Fon had a predicted that in three years time, there will be a war. He told his disciples and devotees did not comprehend what he had said. BE 2483, the well known IndoChina war finally broke up. 

The Thai King that time ordered all famous monks in the kingdom into the palace to consecrated votive amulets to be given to the soldiers to confer them protection. But out of so many white robe ajahn, only Ajahn Fon is invited. 

But as he does not know how to write, his consecration of his phayant’s are utmost unusual. He uses sharp knives to stab his mouth palate and spew his blood into hundreds copies of phayants. 

The stabbing is a repetitive actions and he doesn’t seem to feel any pain at all. Those soldiers that possessed the blood phayant are all safe despite some minor injuries.

BE 2489, Ajahn Fon passed away at the age of 63. 

(Credits from Melsonl@

2490 Rian of Ajahn Fon Dee Sa Wan by Ajahn Pa Yoon

Bucha Ajahn Fon Dee Sa Wan by Ajahn Bai of Wat Berng

Locket Ajahn Fon Dee Sa Wan by Ajahn Bai of Wat Berng