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Ajahn Puvon

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Phoo Worn Gorn Bai, a native of Myanmar,is another lay teacher of Ajahn Pra Korng.He is tall,light-skinned and not fierce.He is courteous,speak well and distinctly.

His special characteristic is,he wore sarong with a piece of loincloth rest upon his shoulder.Fond of smoking tobacco from banana leaf wrapper but he don't drink.

LPhaw Jong Wat Nah Dtang Nork, LPhaw Bpan Wat Bang Nom Koh and others famous Guru Monks were also Phoo Worn disciples.

Ajahn Pra Korng related to us that when he went to look for Phoo Worn,he was already about 100 years old and was blind.

Phoo Worn was a layman with powerful magic which what we really called an,"Expert".His life as a magic doctor doing thing which can definitely guarantee certainly not those careless type.

When Ajahn Pra Korng went to study he will usually buy for Phoo Worn big size Kanom Bpia or biscuits each cost 100 Baht at that time.Phoo Worn imparted many knowledge of magic to Ajahn Pra Korng and he used it to produced Takrut Morn for his disciples but his disciples are fond of calling it Takrut Saneh Morn.He also produced 3 colours lipwax,"See Pheung Sarm See."

Due to Phoo Worn was fond of eating biscuit so when there is Pitee Wai Kru or when his disciples want to request something from him they will offer Phoo Worn,"Kanom Bpia".

Ajahn Pra Korng gained many various knowledge but Phoo Worn will always mention to him that,"Everything succeed through the mind" and "Those who are really expert,being skillful in one type is enough,no need to be an expert in every field."

The life of Phoo Worn became rather in lack and difficulty.Staying in rented house,he must depend on his grand daughter to help to take care and great grand son Mr Char to drive tri-cycle to feed the family.Phoo Worn also helped the family with his magic knowledge.

Phoo Worn regularly withdraw black magic and erect shrine.It was widely spoken that,"If any house got Phoo Worn to perform a ceremony even just once it will bring peace and contentment."

In requesting to learn the knowledge this time,Ajahn Pra Korng traveled back and forth for almost 3 years until Phoo Worn passed away.

Ajahn Pra Korng was the one who run errands until everything was completed at Wat Nai Sorng Wiharn,Samut Prakan province.

After Phoo Worn passed away,his occult books and amulets were stolen and nobody know who stole it.Mr Char who was his grandson shifted to stay elsewhere too.

It is truth that in the end there is no heir other than Ajahn Pra Korng.

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Ajahn Pra Kong

Ajahn Pra Kong Amulets Gallery

Amulet Type: Takrut Metta Maha Seneh
Maker: Ajahn Pra Kong
Year: 2551
Additional Information: This batch is all handdrawn by Ajahn Prakong and only made 299 pieces.

Amulet Type: Bangle
Maker: Ajahn Pra Kong & Ajahn Num
Year: 2551

Type: Paladkit
Maker: Ajahn Pra Kong & Ajahn Num
Year: 2552


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    Type: Paladkit
    Maker: Ajahn Pra Kong & Ajahn Num
    Year: 2552