Thursday, November 25, 2010

LP Thuad

Amulet Type: LP Thuad
Maker: LP Thong
Temple: Wat Sam Par Chey
Year: 2547

Amulet Type: LP Thuad M16
Maker: Ajahn Nong
Temple: Wat Sai Kow
Year: 2534

Thai PM protected by amulet shield
The amulet can worth up to S$210,000 each. 
The Nation / ANN
Sun, Dec 13, 2009
The Nation / Asia News Network

Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva can boast of only one notable piece in his Thai amulet collection - the Luangpor Thuad M16 - while the other prized specimens are "on loan", an expert says.

Following speculation that he was wearing light armour for self-protection under his shirt due to the political turmoil, Abhisit unbuttoned his shirt to show journalists 10 amulets around his neck.

The public especially amulet enthusiasts wondered what was in the premiere's collection.

Abhisit reportedly had been given several outstanding examples, so his collection could be worth an eight-digit figure.

However Democrat MP for Bangkok, Thana Cheeravinij, who frequently visits the Sunday Moradok Thai amulet club at Pantip Plaza's Mall Ngam Wongwan branch, said Abhisit was Western-schooled so he was not into Thai amulets.

When Abhisit first took the top job, he had none of the highly-regarded Benjapakhi amulets, but only the "Luangpor Thuad M16" anointed at Pattani's Sai Khao Temple in 1991, which was the only one that could impress enthusiasts, he said.

As for the Luangpor Thuad M16 that the premiere owned, many southern amulet collectors agree that it was "highly experienced" and "believed to bestow on the wearer the outstanding feature of immortality". It was nicknamed "M16" because of a story in which the amulet wearer was shot at with a M16 assault rifle until all of his shirt was torn but the bullets could not penetrate his skin.

This amulet anointed by Phra Ajarn Nong Thammaphuto was worth from hundreds of baht to over Bt1,000. Chainarit said the low price was because the amulets were mass made. The amulet's reverse was printed with "Nor 72", meaning that Phra Ajarn Nong made them when he was 72 years old.

Amulet Type: LP Thuad
Maker: LP Thong
Temple: Wat Sam Par Chey
Year: 254+

Amulet Type: LP Thuad
Maker: LP Keow
Temple: Wat Ser Pan Mai Kien
Year: 255+

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