Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hoon Pak Yong Gallery

Amulet Type: Hoon Pak Yong
Maker: LP Sang Ga
Temple: Wat Bang Mo
Year: 2540

Hoon Pak Yong Pim Yai by LP Chang of Wat Nang Yai Mow 
(Red and White HPY with customised plastic and stand)

Hoon Pak Yong soaked in Metta Oil (Special Edition) 
by LP Pra Mot of Wat Kow Chulk Hmm

Additional Information: 

Soaked oil Hoon Pak Yong is kept with LP Phra Mot for a longer period in an oil urn for enhanced consecration & empowerment within before it released.

Hoon Pak Yong Functions:
  • Wish all positive fruitful outcomes from daily activities.
  • Wish for self-protection in all aspects.
  • Put at home, office, residential to request Hoon Pak Yong to take care of premises.
  • Advice to keep away from infants or young children in case Hoon Pak Yong manifest within premise compound. 

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