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LP Boon Learn of Wat Khao Sam Yord

LP Boon Learn of Wat Khao Sam Yord

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The Divine Lord Of Khao Sam Yord
LPhoo Reuang Apassaro, Divine Lord of Khao Sam Yord. Phra Ariya Song or Noble One of Phra Arahant cave at Sam Yord mountain in Lopburi. 

The cave was 3 km above ground level. LPhoo stay and practice Dhamma in total seclusion and solitude for more than 40 years.

Previously,nobody ever passed by and even know about it. The Lopburi soldier were practicing their live firing on top of the mountain as permanent routine. 

Although they didn't know that His Holiness was spending his rain retreat at the peak, it didn't pose any threat to LPhoo either.

One day, the troop came to know when they went up and alot of them requested to be LPhoo disciples. LPhoo ever came down of Khao Sam Yord in BE2542 (1999) before returning again in BE2546 (2003).

Presently, LPhoo is 94 years old with 74 Pansa. LPhoo is a Kammathana monk who has very high mind power in this present era. Whoever let LPhoo bless their amulets,with merely a blow from LPhoo will rendered the amulets with miraculous power and efficacy. Having unexplainable experiences as mysterious as it may be.

LPhoo Reuang was born on Sunday 10 January BE2457 (1914) in the year of Tiger at Ampher Bahn Sarng Changwat Prachinburi. LPhoo was the son of Mr Kampan and Mrs Sri Suksan and had altogether 7 siblings. LPhoo original name was Boon Reuang.

In BE2477 (1934) at the age of 20. LPhoo ordained at Wat Sak Koi Ampher Syee Maha Poh Changwat Prachinburi. Phra Samut Jampa Wat Sak Koi the Jhow Kana Tambon Coke Pib was LPhoo's Preceptor. LPhoo received his ordination name as Apassaro.

LPhoo spent his rain retreat and studied Dhamma Vinaya and various knowledge and art with the Preceptor for 10 years. LPhoo had also sat for Dhamma test at the age of 23. Apart from that, LPhoo studied Pali language, astrology,herbs and various spell and charm.

After spending enough time in his study, LPhoo began his tudong travel at Issan and then returned to Lopburi,Piboon cave. LPhoo spend his rain retreat in this cave near Wat Phra Bart Nam Put for 5 years.

LPhoo searched and found Phra Arahant cave at Khao Sam Yord.In BE2493 (1950) LPhoo went up to spent his rain retreat at the peak for a long period of time. When LPhoo taken up abode at the peak only very little people have the opportunity to pay respect to LPhoo because LPhoo was staying inside the cave. 

Fruit and vegatable was LPhoo only food offered by the villagers such as pumpkin(which later pumpkin became main substance in mixing to produce amulets of initial period which was pressed with hands).

LPhoo Reuang had bright complexion contrary to the robe of LPhoo which was old,dull and worn out. LPhoo used the 3 refuge as his mediatation theme in his practice.

Initially, LPhoo never came down of the peak other than merely once. It was when LPhoo was sick then a group of close disciples working in the hospital brought LPhoo down from the peak to see the doctor.

There was once,the soldier were having live firing at the mountain. LPhoo was making a short cut there but the soldier were not aware. Just when the soldier were firing they saw LPhoo passing by. 

The soldier were surprised and shouted to alert LPhoo but it was too late.The bullets were shot right at LPhoo with sound as loud as explosion and the place became very smoky.The soldier ran over to have a look and saw LPhoo walking unperturbed like nothing have happened. 

They asked LPhoo where did he came from? LPhoo told them he was staying at the peak and walked up the mountain. The soldier chased after LPhoo but can't catch up with him and were left behind astonished.

In later period,beginning since BE2538(1995). LPhoo opened the door of opportunity to allow his faithful devotee to go up and pay respect to him. Since then,alot of devotee gradually went up to the peak. Later, LPhoo shifted to a little hut 10 km outside of the cave.

In BE2542 (1999) LPhoo descended Khao Sam Yord in order to teach his disciples the way of practicing Dhamma. Together with Phra Anya Nhoo Payak Choti Panyo they developed temples and residence of Sangha in Lopburi and many nearby places such as Wat Hua Chang Lopburi. It was also to spent the rain retreat when tudong to practice Dhamma in various province such as Pathumthani and Maha Sarakham.

In the end, LPhoo resided at Suan Boon Prod Poopa Potisat Tambon Bu Pleaung Ampher Nam Yeun Changwat Ubon Ratchathani.

LP Boon Learn Amulet Gallery

Amulet Type: Phra Pidta 
Maker: LP Boon Learn
Temple: Wat Khao Sam Yord
Year: 2528

Amulet Type: Phra Leela
Maker: LP Boon Lern
Temple: Wat Khao Sam Yord
Year: 2500

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