Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sakyant Master Ajahn Khra

Ahjan Khra is a sakyant master whose profile includes various famed Luang Phors and Ahjans of Sakyant and Wichas. 

His main teachers’ include Phor Jit or Ahjan Jit (Nakon Pathom who was a direct student of LP Pern Wat Bangphra before he become a Kalawat). 

Ahjan Khra is also a close luksit of LP Thoy Wat Bangphra, where Ahjan Khra still occasionally help do sakyant at Wat Bangphra with the permission of L.Phi Thoy. 

Other master's of Ajahn Khra also includes Luang Phor Up of Wat Thongsai and Ajahn Supoj of Phra Padeang.

(Credits from Satawad Buddhist Gallery@

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