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PT Krai Legend & Amulets

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PT Krai is actually a fellow disciple of LP Tuad as both learned under the same teacher at Wat Pako, Songkhla. When LP Tuad went to Ayuttaya to further his studies in Buddhism, PT Krai went to Yala to continue his meditation. It is said he attained a very high state when cultivating there. That's when he started to use his psychic powers to help people. PT Krai went to the hilly & forested area of Yala and subdued all the fierce beasts there, especially the tigers and cobras with his psychic power. That's why we see PT Krai sitting on a tiger and 2 cobras. The villagers there were able to live safely without being harmed by any beasts. In memory of the virtues of the master they built a temple to honour him, which is the Wat Lam Phaya of today.

There were a lot of miraculous stories of PT Krai, who became the faith of the villagers as they passed down for centuries. Legend has it that when PT Krai was alive, his hair was able to turn into copper by itself and so if he wanted to shave his hair, a rite must be performed first before others can proceed. On June 5 BE2505 (1962) PT Krai's ashes was invited to be place in Wat Lam Phaya. When digging the burial ground it was found that when the urn was tapped the ashes within will produce a loud metallic sound. Whereas the wood in the vicinity within a radius of 20 metres from the burial ground produced a fragrance as well as miraculous healing properties. It had the efficacy to heal the sickness of the faithful devotees. When the ashes of PT had already been invited and placed inside the temple, PT's images was produced and PT's spirit was invited to reside within the images.When Ajarn Tim Wat Chang Hai saw the images he remarked that it were just like what he saw in his meditation. The amulets of PT Krai were produced in BE2505 (1962) with sedges, containing altogether 3 pims which were small, medium and large.

The first PT Krai amulets of Wat Lam Phaya were created in 2505, and subsequently in 06 & 07. At that time, both Ajarn Tim & Ajarn Nong were invited to Wat Lam Phaya to consecrate the PT Krai amulets. Materials used were the Wan used to make LP Tuad at Wat Changhai in 2505. Various Rians were also made at that time. Because LP Tuad & PT Krai are closely related, AJ Tim had no problems inviting the both of them to come and bless the amulets during the "Puttaphisek" ceremony.

The 2506 and 2507 amulets I obtained from Wat Lam Phaya were blessed by AJ Tim as well as many guru monks of Pattani and Yala at that time.

PT Krai Katha:
Namo Tassa (3x)

Buddhaguna, Dhammaguna & Sanghaguna (3x)

Buddhang Nakak Phayakkang Heum Ham Itinamo Sugato Buddhang Attho (3x)

After chanting the above you can pray to PT Krai to help you.

Amulet Type: Phra PT Krai
Maker: Ajahn Tim / Ajahn Nong / (Mass Chanting)
Temple: Wat Lam Pha Ya
Year: 2507

Amulet Type: Phra PT Krai
Maker: PT Singh
Temple: Wat Lam Pha Ya
Year: 2540

Amulet Type: Phra PT Krai
Maker: Ajahn Tim / Ajahn Nong / (Mass Chanting)
Temple: Wat Lam Pha Ya
Year: 2506

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